by Dan Abromowitz

Tom Auerbach, 29, New York City

"We were throwing a house party for my girlfriend Tina graduating dental school. It was a small thing, but it got loud, and we've gotten noise complaints before, so when someone knocked on the door after midnight, everyone froze up. Finally I go to open the door, and standing there with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth is Bill freaking Murray. I guess he'd heard our party from the street? In any case, people just about lost their minds. Everyone wants a photo chugging a beer with Peter Venkman. Only once everyone had a few pictures with him, he kept going around the room asking if anyone else wanted a picture. Like, over and over. And when the party was clearing out, he's still crouched by the iPod dock, managing this endless Billy Joel playlist he had going. Finally it's just me, Tina, and Bill Murray, and she manages to really sweetly tell him that we're going to bed. You know what he said?  'Oh.'  That's it.  Just, 'Oh.'  And on his way out we can both tell he's got a beer stuffed into every pocket on him. Honestly, it was weird."