Irish dude accidentally memes himself by posting a way-too-cool profile picture to Facebook.

Irish dude accidentally memes himself by posting a way-too-cool profile picture to Facebook.

The biggest new movie star to come out of Ireland is a man named Ivor Noyek from Cork, who uploaded a photo of himself wearing a denim jacket with rolled-up sleeves and sunglasses, walking along a road while visiting upstate New York as his new profile picture—a profile picture his friends found irresistibly hilarious due to what can only be described as "hipster swagger" and "being really, really reminiscent of indie film posters." Here's the original.

Ivor accidentally achieved his "effortlessly cool" look so well that his friends wasted no time photoshopping him. Here's the first effort, which began him on his way to glory.

Another image following soon after clinched the deal: Ivor was going to be a meme, #IvorIsComing, and soon an entire Tumblr sprang up devoted to the photoshopped images.


From there, like a horde of the frozen undead, except awesome, the photoshops just kept coming and coming. Here are 17 of the best ones so far:

1. There's no way anyone's topping "Reserivor" when it comes to title puns.

2. Ivor, uh, finds a way.

3. Furivorious 7.


4. Mrs. Robinson, I think you're trying to #IvorIsComing.

5. Clear Ivors, full hearts, can't lose.

6. Ivorth by Ivorthwest.

7. "You can't even hang an Ivor!"


8. "Ivors...why did it have to be Ivors?"

9. Ivor of the Tiger.

10. It's been a hard day's Ivor / and Ivor been walking / like an Ivor.

11. Ivorff to see the Wivor, the ivorful wivor of ivor.


12. "Ivor the need. The need for a moderate walking speed."

13. "Come with me if you want to livor!"

14. "One of you will betray me. Not you, Ivor. You're cool."

15. The Fastest Man Alivor.


16. "I don't wanna close my Ivors...Ivor don't wanna miss a thing."


17. Where's....uh...OK, a pun is tough for this one, but it's definivoritely the best.

Fortunately, Ivor was not only cool with his newfound fame, he embraced it.

Congratulations, Ivor! Usually, to achieve this sort of accidental fame, you have to be Adele's hunky bodyguard. 


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