It's starting to seem like airlines don't even want passengers. Just two months after JetBlue kicked a Brooklyn family off a flight because of a birthday cake (yes, a birthday cake), another Brooklyn family says they were kicked off a flight because their child kicked the seat in front of her (an annoying thing children often do). And JetBlue is defending its crew members' decision to kick the family of five off the flight after an "unfortunate incident" on July 2nd, People reports.

Here's the family's story, according to a press release sent to People by the couple’s lawyer David Templer: Tamir Raanan and Mandy Ifrah were returning to New York from Fort Lauderdale with their three kids when their 1-year-old daughter Eden became "agitated" and kicked the seat in front of her.


Ifrah apologized to the woman whose seat her daughter kicked, and "exchanged a few words" with her, before moving to an empty seat in another part of the plane, the statement claims. The family says that a flight attendant then asked the pilot to return to the gate and they were then asked to disembark the plane.

The family filmed the incident, and shared it on YouTube in two parts. In part one, you can see them refusing to leave the plane when asked by a flight attendant, and demanding an explanation (which it appears they never got):


In the second clip, Raanan and Ifrah are seen in a heated argument with airline staff and police officers at the gate, and they continue to demand an explanation for being kicked off the flight:

At one point in the first video, Ifrah asks why the other woman on the plane wasn't removed, saying repeatedly: "The lady said 'Tie your daughter’s feet!'"

Templer told People that being kicked off the flight "caused huge problems for the family." He added: "it could have been resolved with an apology and payment of defenses, but we were not successful in getting JetBlue to offer us an explanation."


JetBlue, of course, offers a different account of what went dow: in a statement released to People, the airline says that the verbal altercation between the two passengers "included physical threats and profanities against a nearby customer."

The statement from JetBlue continues:

The aircraft door was reopened and our airports team politely asked the customers to step off to discuss the situation. The customers refused repeated requests and our crewmembers deplaned the entire aircraft. Law enforcement escorted them out of the gate area and we provided a refund. The customers were not removed due to the actions of their children. We are investigating whether the customers’ behavior warrants restrictions on JetBlue travel and we thank our crewmembers for their professional handling of this unfortunate incident.


According to the statement from the couple's lawyer, JetBlue told them they would be booked on a flight the next day, but they would need to find overnight accommodations. The statement also alleges that the airline "did not remove their luggage from the plane leaving them without clothes and baby supplies" and also that the family was banned from all future flights.

Hard to know exactly what went down on the plane with that other passenger, and if the airline actually had any justification in removing these passengers. But regardless, kicking people off a plane with no explanation, especially when they're traveling with kids, is not a good look, JetBlue. And given this and other airlines' truly terrible track records, we're inclined to side with the passengers. Most of the time.

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