I know a few unlicensed unicorn breeders if you don't mind one with wormicorns.

Look, it's just a fact of life: if you want a purebred unicorn, you're gonna have to pay through the nose. Even if those unicorns are on Craigslist. But if you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.

Yes, the unicorns are at a markup and the breeder is making a profit, but there is serious overhead involved in being a unicorn breeder. The travel costs alone of visiting the Wee People's Republic of Fairyland (formerly the Fairy Kingdom before the brutal communist uprising) to purchase the unicorns' rainbow-colored oats is enough to justify a steep six-figure price. Fortunately, they buy in bulk so you don't have to go there yourself (especially because if you fall asleep in the Fairy Kingdom you can never leave—and the jet lag is horrible). Then, you have to factor in obedience training, grooming (with a My Giant Pony glitter brush), English and Elvish lessons, and of course the costs inflicted by the unforseen consequences of the wishes they grant.

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