A kangaroo used a woman's breast implants as a launching pad. They popped.

A kangaroo used a woman's breast implants as a launching pad. They popped.

This is Australian cyclist and breast implant recipient Sharon Heinrich. She met a kangaroo, and it didn't go all that well.

The before photo...

Posted by Sharon Heinrich on Tuesday, April 5, 2016

She was biking through the wine region of Clare Valley with her friend last week when they spotted one of Australia's famed leggy beasts on an embankment. 

 Hell yeah. 

“Just out of the corner of my eye I’ve seen this kangaroo up on this ledge,” Mrs Heinrich, 45,  told AAP. “I thought, ‘he’s cute.’"

And if kangaroos were exactly like how they have been portrayed in the media, the the three of them would have had a magical adventure.

The only way to travel.

What happened instead was horrific.


The "cute" kangaroo jumped on Sharon, landing his massively strong hind legs directly onto her torso and using her breast implants as a launching pad to then jump on to her friend.  

“They worked as airbags and have been ruptured by the ordeal,” she joked. 


“We flew probably 1.5m after he hit us. I was on the ground and couldn’t breathe for about 10 minutes.”

She ended up breaking three of her ribs and, of course, her "airbags" will need to be replaced. Her friend suffered whiplash and a concussion, but they both feel lucky to have escaped with what they are considering minimal injuries. Plus, it gave her husband a really great opportunity to get her this: 

A stuffed kangaroo, what a sweet reminder of the time a kangaroo knocked the stuffing out of her.