There's a new member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan out there, but it's not a hot young woman with a very Instagram-able butt—it's Kirby Jenner, Kendall's fraternal twin! Sure, there's a pretty good chance that Kirby is just some guy who is truly excellent at Photoshop and self-marketing, but either way, he's nailing these posts:

You can follow Kirby on Tumblr or Instagram, where you'll be in the company of 60,000 other people who find the idea of a paunchy Jenner bro hilarious. The photos are incredibly well executed, whether you find them funny or not. Kirby's at Kendall's fashion shoots, in her "casual" at-home shots, and all the tabloid pics. His captions are generally hashtag-laden and self-deprecating, which explains why the rest of the family doesn't really understand him:

Sources: Kirby Jenner