ONLINE DATING IS A MEAT MARKET LOLOLOLOLOL but literally we are all just pieces of swiping meat trying to find something to carry on our genes before we die.

When you're feeling downtrodden about online dating, remember this: It's amazing that meat sacks like us can even walk and talk, let alone get depressed about how hard it is to meet someone who we can stand being around for more than a few months AND has the same opinion on children that we do.

"Researcher & Designer" Marcello Gómez Maureira knows how you feel, hence making "Tender," the Tinder-using piece of meat you see above. Marcello's description of the video notes: "Tender is the easy way to connect with new and interesting meat around you. Switch on and if someone likes you back, it's a match!"

Sources: h/t BoingBoing | Marcello Gómez Maureira