1 in 5 residents of Ottawa, Canada are on the site. Not 1 in 5 married residents. 1 in 5 of ALL residents. It gets even worse once you really crunch the numbers.

The Canadian Parliament, aka the Great Northern Boner.

Oh, Canada! America's polite little sibling who never fully moved out of mother England's basement is turning out to be a real freak in the bedroom. That's right, not only is Avid Life Media (parent company of cheating website Ashley Madison and sugar daddy site Established Men) itself Canadian, but its most popular market is none other than the capital of the Great White North, Ottawa. An unbelievable 189,810 of the city's 883,391 residents (as of 2011) had profiles on the site. That's 21.5% of the population (which has probably grown since then, so let's just call it 20%) in the city that is home to Canada's Parliament and federal government.

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