This kid delivered.

"Hi, I'm Anson and I'll be taking your order. Unless it's an emergency, in which case I'll be the one giving orders." (via)

It's only June, but one kid already has the best summer job story of 2015. 19-year-old Anson Lemmer is staying with his parents in Glenwood Springs, CO for the summer (they live in Denver normally) and working as a pizza delivery boy for Uncle Pizza. After only two days on the job, he probably has Employee of the Year on lockdown.

"This was my very last order of the night. I expected to just run right out there and back," Lemmer recounted to the Post Independent, but "when I pulled up there, I knew something was wrong, and I had to act." Not only is this kid a hero, he's a pretty good storyteller, too.

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