Bo Williams, center, knows this is his big chance to look anchorly.

Local news anchors have to deal with a lot: reporting on traffic jams, reporting on funny animal stories, and each other. Intrepid desk jockeys Tearsa Smith, Bo Williams and Julya Johnson, the morning news team at ABC affiliate WATE in Tennessee, had to face a new foe, however: a bat that was loose in their studio. Bo Williams did easily the best job keeping his cool, unless his nervous tic is making lame jokes about how awake this was making him. Tearsa (yes, Tearsa) and Julya (yes, Julya), on the other hand, were on the same page: yell, at the producers and in general, until this thing leaves. Eventually, animal control showed up and they were able to get it out.

Sources: Metro UK | BestWorldClips