There is a long-standing and proud tradition of doing silly things on amusement park rides where a picture is automatically taken and available for purchase at the end of the ride. The log flume is the perfect example of this. Typically slower than a roller coaster, with more space in each car, this ride allows passengers to stage fairly elaborate scenes. Like, for instance, this picture posted on Imgur by user LittleGuyJosh on Sunday.

In the picture, one man, dressed in old-timey clothing replete with arm garters, shaves another man, under a styling cape, with a straight razor. Because what better time to have a dangerous tool/weapon resting on your face than on a bumpy amusement park ride? It's about as safe as performing a bris in a moving car. Hey, actually—that would make a great log flume photo. All you need is an uncircumcised baby.