There are lots of negative and unfair generalizations about the Irish, but one stereotype that doesn't involve excessive drinking is the idea that Irish people are uncommonly lucky. According to Mental Floss, the stereotype derives from an outsized number of Irish-Americans hitting jackpot in the California gold rush. It's still very odd, of course, that Irish people are thought of as lucky, considering, you know, the entire history of Ireland. Here are people who are much luckier. Some of them might even be drinking green beer today, which is as good as Irish, right?

1. This guy, who lost his wedding ring in the ocean only to find it days later.

Jay Bradford, 27, was fishing off the coast of Long Branch, NJ, on December 12 when his "hand hit the bow rail, and the ring came up off my knuckle," he told People. "The ring slid off, hit the tow rail and went into the water." 

His new wife, Meagan Bradford, wasn't too happy about this. "He texted me and said his day was going wrong. I said, 'Don't worry you will find the fish,'" Meagan Bradford said. "He texted me back, 'It's not the fishing, I lost my ring in the water.' I nearly threw up."

Luckily, Bradford had gone fishing for blackfish, which tend to be found in solid formations on the sea floor such as reefs, wrecks, rocks, and piers. Four days later, Bradford used GPS tracking to return to the spot where he lost the ring. He found the band in 10 minutes—it was resting against a rock.