Today in the "Men Being Disgusting" Department, we have this man from West Virginia who was arrested for following women around an Ohio Walmart and squirting them with semen from a syringe. Lovely!

According to the CBS News, Timothy Blake was charged on December 30 with "pandering obscenity, sexual imposition and two counts of menace by stalking." Not exactly the stuff of a compelling Tinder bio.

It wasn't just a one and done situation, either. Police in Marietta, OH apparently first received a complaint about Blake on November 2. A woman noticed a man she described as "creepy" following her as she shopped in Walmart. At one point, he got very close to her, and she felt something wet hit her lower back and foot (ewwww). She went into the bathroom to wash off the substance she called "sticky," and when she came out, dude was still standing there, waiting for her. All of this is reportedly backed up by surveillance video.


On December 28, creepy Blake and his sticky semen struck again. A woman at the same Walmart called police with a similar complaint, and cops approached Blake a few days later, when they spotted the white pickup truck he used to flee the scene on both occasions.

At first Blake said the substance in the syringe was egg, but after police had it tested, he finally admitted that it was his own semen.

An affidavit obtained by CBS News says that Blake then revealed that he'd used syringes filled with spit, egg, and semen to spray women "on a dozen occasions." He would allegedly masturbate into a syringe (such aim!) in his car or in the Walmart bathroom, and then use that to squirt (ugh) his sperm onto women, aiming for their butts (blerg).


In the affidavit, police wrote, “The defendant stated maybe it was his way of having sex with these women."

Welp, it certainly wasn't consensual, buddy.