Where do I click "Like"? What do you mean, this picture isn't about getting likes?

You probably like to think of yourself as a good friend, but odds are, you've undertaken one of the most unpleasant tasks of the Facebook age: the cold-blooded purging from your friend ranks of those losers with the audacity to have grown apart, but not the ruthlessness to have deleted you first.

Just catching up on our favorite Kenya and North Korea stories, natch. 

That's exactly where Matt Kuleza found himself last month—with his finger on the mouse, prepared to tell a few hundred people they were dead to him. Then, somehow, the 28-year-old Australian from Melbourne got this crazy idea that maybe, just maybe, he should try talking to his friends. Like, for realsies IRL. 1,088 real, human friend interactions, complete with coffee. As a student and a digital strategist, he had the time and wherewithal to do this and turn it into a blog: 1000+ COFFEES

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