Land of the freaks and the home of the cray.

Time for another map, which means it's also time to point the finger at another U.S. state and laugh, or take a long look in the mirror before putting your house on the market. This "what your state is worst at" map was put together by redditor bigafricanhat who claims to have made it using a variety of sources, but admitted to taking subjective liberties in cases where certain states ranked butt-last in more than one category (cough, Mississippi).

As is usually the case, some of the information isn't surprising at all, like Hawaii having the highest tax burden or Vegas having the highest divorce rate, but some of the findings are kind of mind-boggling. Like Virginia taking the gold for most hate crimes against the disabled. Does that stat include cuts to disability spending? Or is it the result of some statistical anomaly involving a psycho tweaker who went on a rampage at an SSI building? Either way, not something you want in your brochure.

Sources: Reddit