That's funny. I had a very strong desire to move out of Texas. (via)

The map above shows results from a Gallup poll from the second half of last year, revealing how much residents of every state desire to move. Illinois, Connecticut, and Maryland top the charts, with about 50% of residents of these states wanting out. Coincidentally, they all also seem like relatively nice places to live. Maybe that's how they get you.

At the opposite extreme, residents of these six states had the lowest inclination to pull up roots and start over in another state: Texas, Montana, Hawaii, Maine, Oregon, and New Hampshire. This result makes way more sense to me. Texans are obsessed with Texas. There's like five people in Montana. Why would anyone want to leave Hawaii? Maine and New Hampshire are like the weird, northeast version of Texas. And Oregon is mostly trees, which don't move around much.

Sources: Gallup | h/t Vox