"So, what you're saying, sir, is that your grandson is lazy,
and you don't feel like disciplining him yourself?"
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What constitutes a 911-level emergency? Obviously, a fire or a hostage situation would fit the bill. What about your daughter getting trapped in the sewer? Probably. What about your grandson being such a lazy, good-for-nothing lollygagger that none of the household chores are getting done? I'd say that's a great reason to get the police involved. But I'm notoriously intolerant of lollygaggers.

This actually isn't a hypothetical situation. A 72-year-old Massachusetts man called the authorities on his 17-year-old grandson because he reportedly "does nothing around the home" but play on that damn computer thing all goddamned day and night. Like some kind of a punk!

Sources: Morning Journal | h/t Death and Taxes