A Utah mailman's post about Mathew Flores went viral on Facebook.

A match made in nerd heaven. (via ABC7)

Ron Lynch is a mailman with the Sandy Post Office in Utah. He was delivering mail to an apartment complex last week when he saw 12-year-old Mathew Flores standing by the mailboxes, reading junk mail. But this kid wasn't interested in mattress sales or refinancing his home – he just didn't have anything else to read. He was so engrossed in the glossy ads, he asked Lynch if he had any extra. (Isn't all junk mail "extra?")

Flores explained to Lynch that he didn't have any books to satisfy his love of reading, so he would usually just read the newspaper. Failing that, he would read anything that came his way. Lynch asked why he didn't go to the library, and Flores said that he couldn't afford the bus pass. That moved Lynch for personal reasons, as he explained to ABC7:

Sources: ABC7