In the viral tradition of grandmas trying weed for the first time, here's 61-year-old mom who describes herself as having "kind of closed mind" trying a small amount of magic mushrooms and later discussing how it's changed her outlook on life. As the video mentions, psilocybin is currently being researched at Johns Hopkins University for its potential to help users overcome depression, PTSD, and addictive behaviors. She certainly seems to have a blast (the fun part is from 1:35 to 5:50 in the video), and although she's a bit tired immediately afterwards, the next day she reports that she feels like she's shed "a lot of lies about her life." 

The guy behind the relatively new YouTube channel PsychedSubstances is a big advocate of that research mentioned above by Johns Hopkins on the potential uses of psychedelic mushrooms to treat depression, PTSD, addiction, and overall psychological health (unless you take a lot, in which case it could be very negative). That being said, upon closer inspection of this video, it becomes clear that this is not part of those studies, although it sort of presents itself as such. This is a study he conducted. On his mom. Kind of like when he had her try weed for the first time: