Classic example of 'point of sale' advertising.

Nathan Fielder is more than a comedian and host of Comedy Central's Nathan for You. He's a thinker. A theorist. A philosopher. An old school idea man. You might remember him as the genius behind the trillion-dollar Dumb Starbucks coffee shop (that ended up fizzling out because the world just wasn't ready). But that's just one of his many ahead-of-their-time concoctions and schemes.

Here's another one of them: What he realized is that it's not technically illegal to sell alcohol to minors. It's only illegal to give them the alcohol once they've paid for it. So, as long as you can find enough teens who are willing to keep their booze in storage until their 21st birthday, you've just opened up a whole new revenue stream, my friend!

Sources: Comedy Central | h/t Warming Glow