Catching cable and local newscasters using the same canned joke over and over is always fun, even if it is also depressing proof that our news is all emanating from the same corporate hose. That is hilariously and somewhat frighteningly proven in this classic video from Conan showing anchors making the exact same joke about buying yourself gifts over and over

This clip is from 2013 (not that the joke has gotten any more stale) but is circulating again like a tired human-interest story due to the Christmas season. Watching this also makes you feel some sympathy for the poor, benighted local newspeople out there—they're understaffed, underfunded, and often have to turn around pre-packaged "news bits" (which are often re-warmed Internet stories from a few days earlier) in 30 minutes or less. That said, they should have seen enough bits like this before to know they really need to put their own spin on the "recommended lame joke" that comes down from corporate.

Sources: Team Coco