4/20 is a day to smoke up, get high, and probably avoid your parents. In celebration of the day, ganja fans on the Internet have shared their stoner origin stories, those big moments when they lost their weedginity. Here are some of the best tales of taking in the reefer/chronic/grass/Mary Jane/herb/Devil's Lettuce. 

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The Internet on 4/20. And every day. But especially on 4/20.

1. ElMojonGrande and the mystery cheddar barf.

My first time smoking weed was about 3 weeks ago. It was Saturday night and we were smoking next to the pool. While high my friend was eating some cheddar popcorn, when he put a clump of that cheese in his mouth, he started coughing from the overwhelming taste. He got a mouthful of water and spit it out on the floor. And I freaked out because some of the water hit my leg (i despise vomit, its horrible), and I asked him if he threw up or not?

He just had this blank expression and said "I don't know", this probably isn't funny, but it is for me. I was laughing incredibly long, then I stopped and kept eating. Every 5-10 mins after the incident I would ask him "But did you throw up?!" and i swear, this question would scare him to death, he would just sound sad and say "I DON'T KNOW MAN" on the verge of tears. I found it funny as hell.

It was his first time too by the way. And what made it worse for me was that every time I looked him in the eyes, it was just like dark holes, no eyes. Scary but funny stuff.


2. Your_bff discovered happy tears.

I laughed until I started crying. Then I realized I was crying, and felt a little sad for a second. Then I realized I was crying because I was happy and was just like WOW! and became even more happy. Changed my life

3. false_name1229 was one with the furniture.

A little on the nervous side, I was pretty sure my head was going to float off like a balloon if I let go of it, so I spent the entire night with either my hand or someone else's pressing down on the top of my head. Luckily I had a 6'4 friend sitting next to me - never been so happily used as an arm rest before.

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4. AAjax in the good old days. 

It was 1983 and I was at my friends party. His cousin had just come in from Hawaii with 2oz of real honest to god Maui Wowie. The dude sat down next to me and broke out (trippy guy, had hair past his ass and was wearing a 70's style skydiving jumpsuit including headgear, I don't think he spoke once) I partook and didn't leave the couch for the whole party. Ended up sleeping in a hammock strung up in a tree overlooking Los Angeles. Damn LA was beautiful that night.


5. oldbrownshoe08 took it to a Haiku level.

freshman year, college

mouth dry like sandpaper, ow

burger king so good

6. The Beatles: They're just like us! Except for the part about getting smoked out for the first time by Bob Dylan. 

The Beatles first time getting high with Bob Dylan over 50 years ago. Some pretty hilarious and relatable stuff [6]

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7. barelycurious had a green plant better than mistletoe on Christmas Eve.

It was Christmas Day when I was 18 and my boyfrent (at the time) and I were staying at his parEnts' house, whom I had just met. He and I sat on the floor in his bathroom and he guided me into taking one VERY sufficient, large hit, while his parents partook in their own bathroom (apparently something of a ritual there). We reconvened shortly after in the living room and watched Harold and Maude. I remember nothing about the movie, but I know that I loved it. :D I was very giggly and squirmy, and while no one said anything out loud about "oh, you're so high" or anything to make me feel uncomfortable or self-conscious, there were a lot of knowing smiles and a wonderful sense of loving camraderie as everyone there knew that it was my first time. It was delightful.


8. djmarder put the *high* in high school musical.

So my brother came home from college. I am chilling in his room (he is 21, I'm 17) and I find this tin. The tin is full of cookies and brownies. Now, my mother is a nutritionist, so it would make sense that he would hide pastries like this.

So me, being the hungry teenager I am, ask my brother if I can have a brownie. Suprise suprise, he tells me they are pot brownies and don't eat one without thinking about it.

So, him being the great older brother he is, gives me a pot brownie to use at my own discretion. So what do I do? I take the brownie during intermission of my last production of our high school's musical.

So by the time we are doing our bows, I'm starting to feel it. Next thing I know, I am outside greeting the "fans" (read: parents) and talking to them. It is about halfway through a conversation with my grandmother that I realize that I am super fucking high.

The remainder of the night follows me through the cast party, which is weird because I am the only person there who is not sober.

tl;dr: I got high during a musical that I was in


9. meiwnicorn doesn't have a regular mom, but a Cool Mom.

I was sitting in the car with my Mum when she pulled out a joint. It was badass.

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10. xxjet_lifexx lost words.

I was so high I forgot how to talk. The group of people I was with and they where all cracking up. I thought they where laughing at what I had said in my head when in reality they where laughing at the TV.

11. merlin_'s story is like an onion. It has layers (and tears).

Mine isn't that impressive, but I remember that I went to go to the bathroom and I am pretty sure when I peed, it was green. I was very disturbed because I thought I was turning into shrek. I started to ponder whether or not I was a human. When I came to the conclusion that I was not shrek, I thought it would be funny to turn to my friend and say, "Ogres are like onions..." And before I could finish the quote, I started laughing so hard that I cried and came to the realization that maybe I was just a human onion because I made myself cry.


12. jellomojorisin accidentally ended up in Marijuanaville.

The first time I got high, I didn't smoke. I was with my grandparents who got free tickets to a Jimmy Buffet concert in Tampa. There were so many people smoking that there was a cloud and at one point Jimmy was like "What's that I smell comin from the back?".

13. This cop made too much dessert with confiscated weed.

14. And let's not forget the grandmas.