Of all the baby delivery videos out there, this one of a woman twerking to induce labor is definitely the most like a music video. As the pregnant woman's mom behind the camera says, "I guarantee you've never seen a labor and delivery like this."

"We're twerking the baby down, y'all."

When you gotta give birth but still wanna turn up 😂💀👶 @worldstar #WSHH

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The video was featured on World Star Hip-Hop's Instagram page, and has wracked up over a million views in only 12 hours.

"I never thought I'd be encouraging my daughter to twerk," the soon-to-be grandma says while "Talk That Talk" by Rihanna feat. Jay Z blasts in the background and the expectant mom shakes her ass for the camera.


"I'm not easily offended," says Nurse Lisa as she pushes down on mom's tailbone as the butt flesh rotates around it. No doubt, surely, nurse Lisa has seen all kinds of things while women have tried to release their spawn from their stretched bodies.

In fact, Grandma claims the twerking was all the nurse's idea. It was probably her Rihanna playlist, too.