Here's proof you should never share secrets with friends.

Here's proof you should never share secrets with friends.

When prompted with the question, "What secret do you know that could destroy someone?" people on Reddit delivered with stories that are really great to read—if you never want to trust another person again.

Just an average day on Reddit.

So if you've got a big secret you hope no one ever finds out, you may want to double check someone hasn't shared it on Reddit already. Users are apparently quite comfortable spilling deep, dark secrets that aren't theirs to tell. But since human relationships are necessary in this thing called life, here are 17 of the lighter secrets people shared, and hopefully they won't ruin your faith in humanity.


1. A certain kink runs in the family for SelfProclaimedBadAss.

I don't know if anyone would be destroyed... Found my Grandparents on a swinger site my wife and I occasionally get hook-ups on...

We've seen them a handful of times since no awkward-ness... I predict 0 chance of them not seeing our profile...

Nobody else in my family knows, and there's a good chance they would be weirded out if nothing else...

2. Sp00ky_meme_'s acquaintance is just a "bit" out there.

Dude I know robbed a liqour store, got away with it, overall he's an alright guy albeit a bit eccentric.

sp00ky_meme_ has really nailed down this guy's personality.

3. Parents of high schoolers, don't tell your kids about 2Dfruity's friend.

My friend never actually graduated from high school. He photoshopped a diploma and took a photo of himself in a cap and gown with some random adults. No one really bothers checking credentials for high school.

4. J3w had a very cool boss.

I interned with a local political body (ie city council, not gonna be specific) for a few years, became a staffer, got to know a few of the pols really well. One of them climbed the party ladder very well and is now a Congress-person.

This person is cool as shit and I think they're a damn good rep for their district, but they have very radical political beliefs that they only really talk about in private...

...when they be getting HIGH AS MOTHERFUCKIN BOB MARLEY.

5. Narangatang411 should not joke about this.

That she's Becky with the good hair.

6. Callme_Ev's high school buys really expensive training shorts.

My HS football coach has a mulch fundraiser for the team every year. We raise about $50,000 annually. I talked with one of the football parents who is in charge of the money, and they said they only received about $10,000 and when they asked where the rest of the money was, the coach said he was using it on equipment. The only new "equipment" players got was two t shirts and training shorts.

This explains how he could afford brand new cars for his daughters on a teacher's salary.


7. Seansquanch's friend was into cougars, apparently.

My buddy made out with another buddies mom at a bonfire while the husband was out of town. This was a year after high school.

8. DatPiff916 might want to start gathering alibis.

My white co-worker has been cheating on her white husband with a black guy. She tells her husband that she sometimes comes to the office on weekends to get work done, she has been going to the other guys house. One time her and her husband came by the office to drop off an extra table from their house for an event, I was in the office as I often work weekends. The husband kind of gave me a funny look as she asked what was I doing there because "she never see's me here when she comes in on weekends".

She is now pregnant, overheard her talking telling someone that the baby isn't her husbands.

She is nervous.

I'm the only black guy in the office.

I'm nervous.

Good luck in a few months, DatPiff916!

9. This story will give you lots of faith in doctors.

My friend cheated on his test to get into Medical School. He's doing very well, and he will make a great doctor.

10. But VrolokDastan, does Courtney like him back?

Many years ago a friend of mine told me he liked Courtney. Whatever you guys do, don't tell Courtney.

11. Throwawayacct0123's brother discovered his love for animals at a young age.

I once caught my younger brother fucking our sister's life size stuffed tiger. He now works for PETA.

Too much irony.

12. Keenedge422's story works out for everyone in the end. Maybe.

Acquaintance intentionally screwed with his wife's birth control to get her pregnant, because he figured the kid would keep her busy while he's sleeping around. Turns out he genuinely loves being a dad and said the kid is the best thing that has ever happened to him.

His wife was sleeping around when he did it and there's a 50% chance the kid isn't his.

13. Suits is grounded in reality, according to ZaxonsBlade.

The other is that my cousin is practicing law at his fathers firm. He was sent to college for years out of state, his father paid the tuition and all living expenses the entire time. He never graduated or even sat for the Bar. He even has a fake degree on his wall.


14. NOTtrentRICHARDSON's friend Justin was truthful about how much money he spent.

Justin didn't lose $500 at the blackjack table in Vegas. He spent it on a prostitute.

15. Everybody go and fix your YouTube settings after reading linkthelove's post.

My friend puts his online animation portfolio on his youtube channel. Little does he know that his favorites is public and it's nothing but young asian teen girls dancing in their undies.

16. At least everybody got some in ronerychiver's story.

One of my friends slept with my girlfriend while I was in training. He doesn't know I ever found out. He also doesn't know I banged his mom the week I got back.

17. ​annoying_spartan's secret can never be revealed.

Grandma buys premade cookie dough.

One day, the truth will out.

DAMNING. That could destroy Grandma's reputation.