Retail employee lupin_stargazer just executed the most satisfying revenge ever against an unapologetic customer who let her 3-year-old daughter tear apart her store. If it were me, this would be testimony in a murder trial, but lupin-stargazer serves justice with a smile.

Here's the unedited greatness, as posted originally to reddit. If you've ever worked in the service industry, this one's for you.

I work a crappy retail job, and we just started putting out our christmas stock (It kills me to say that when it isn't even Halloween yet). I was working the register while my coworker was in the back room handling a delivery. It was a quiet night, no customers for about half an hour, and in walks a woman with her three year old daughter.

They start looking in the christmas aisle. I happen to walk by it about ten minutes later, and the aisle is completely trashed. I watch as her daughter pulls three pegs worth of garland off the wall, then as her mother picks out the color she wants and leaves the rest on the floor. This woman had allowed her daughter to do this for nearly everything in the aisle. She saw me, took her daughters hand and said "Come on honey, lets go check out while this nice lady cleans up." And she leads her kid toward the check out.


No. She. Did. Not.

Well, jokes on you, lady. I'm the only one working them tonight! I start cleaning the aisle (very slowly) while she waits at the register. After a few minutes, the lady looks at me and clears her throat. I look up, smile and say "I'm sorry, but company policy states that I can't leave any obstruction in an aisle unattended. I'll be with you as soon as I can." And I go back to cleaning. Made her wait for a good twenty minutes trying to entertain a bored, increasingly whiny toddler before I came up and rang her stuff up. I made sure to give her my biggest smile as I handed her her change and said "Have a nice night!".


What an impeccable tale of completely defensible revenge. There can't be a more enjoyable way to clean up than knowing it is really pissing someone off.