Restaurant's apology makes it worse after unbelievably offensive domestic violence joke.

Restaurant's apology makes it worse after unbelievably offensive domestic violence joke.

An "American-style" restaurant in Belfast, Ireland called Ribs and Bibs came under well-justified internet outrage in late September after an employee wrote a "joke" on a sandwich board advertising their cheap lunch option.

Disgusting advert in #Belfast. My 1 star review of Ribs and Bibs shows my disgust! Someone needs to be held accountable....

Posted by Kaz Hawkins on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

"You can beat the wife," went the sign, "but you can't beat a £5 lunch."

You know what's better than a cheap lunch? An expensive lunch that doesn't tell you to beat your wife.

Commenters agreed. Here's a few comments from the Ribs and Bibs Facebook page.

According to The Mirror, the restaurant's social media attempted to do damage control, responding to a negative comment by saying, "My God mate get a life, it's a bit of wit on a small board out side a restaurant [sic], we're not putting it on the front page of a news paper or making a move, see it for what it is, not as you see it!"


A bit of wit? Nah. This is a bit of wit:

That sign is just bafflingly tasteless.

The owner of the restaurant has disavowed the sign in the wake of the outrage, according to the Belfast Telegraph, but he won't fire the employee who wrote it.

He also took the tone-deaf route of claiming his company is the victim of a "barrage of abuse on social media."

"I feel that we have been subjected to a horrendous trial by social media," he said, before elaborating, "I was horrified. I have spent three years building this business up from scratch, trying to build up a reputation, and with just five words that's all gone."

Via the Belfast Telegraph, he continued to lavish on the self-pity:

"The employee didn't understand what those words meant to everybody and was left in fear of losing his job. We're all victims in it. The business is not in immediate danger of folding, but I'm worried about the long-term impact."

Wow. Even though the guy's acting like he's the victim here, he did reportedly accept an offer from a women's aid group to "educate" his staff about domestic violence.

Meanwhile, Ribs and Bibs will indeed have trouble coming back from the terrible reviews flooding its Facebook page.