48 rollercoaster photos that will take you on one hell of a ride.

48 rollercoaster photos that will take you on one hell of a ride.

Whether they're accidental looks of horror or staged tableaus with an impressive amount of props, the expensive pictures theme parks take of you on rollercoasters are pretty damn hilarious. These rollercoaster photos will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions.

1. There ain't no party like a costume party.

2. Splash Mountain just isn't the same without anyone to share it with.

3. It's all downhill from here.

4. TFW you're being haunted by a constipated ghost.

5. Bring your own Disney to Disney World.

6. Keep your arms and legs inside at all times.


7. Always a good time for grooming.

8. Living your truth in the happiest place on earth.

9. Teamwork makes the key work.

10. These Disneyland guests got to ride with Maui.


11. Attend the tale of Sweeney Todd.

12. Duck and cover.

13. You always remember your first time.

14. The three stages of rollercoaster riding.


15. Always a fine time to enjoy some fine dining.

16. A new genre of side-eye.

17. More horse than man, or more man than horse?

18. Not amused.


19. A look of sheer horror.

20. Here come the men in black.

21. Fight! Fight! Fight!

22. The best drop is a surprise drop.


23. Flying Solo.

24. We have a jumper.

25. U mad?

26. Nip slip averted.


27. She doesn't suspect a thing.

28. Treasure chess.

29. Pure joy.

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30. Get your head in the Gamecube.


31. Be careful what you wish for.

32. News junkies.

33. NSFW.

34. NSFW, too.


35. I can be your bodyguard, you can be my long lost pal.

36. The family that rides together, thrives together.

37. How's the signal up there?

38. Shave it off.


39. Near...far...wherever you are...

40. Strike a pose.

41. Multitasking.

42. Santa Baby gets to second base.

43. Wish you were here.


44. Total snoozefest.

45. We are the 99%.

46. BYO Onesie.

47. Happily ever after.

48. Gaston? Is that you?