Sabrina Corgatelli taunted the Internet with pictures of her safari trip, and the Internet took the bait.

He's not famous, but she killed him anyway. (via Facebook)

Have you gotten tired of unleashing your righteous rage on Dr. Walter Palmer? Well, here's some good news. A new villain has emerged on the Internet, killing endangered African animals left and right just for your amusement. And don't worry about upsetting her with your vitriol – she loves it.

Sabrina Corgatelli is a university accountant believed to be from Boise, Idaho. In her spare time, she is also a big game hunter, and is currently in South Africa on one hell of a safari trip. She's been posting pictures where she poses with her kills for days, attracting thousands of angry comments and threats. Meanwhile, she's soaking it up – she hasn't taken down a Facebook page dedicated to her hunting photos, and a few days before the trip, she posted a meme of Leonardo DiCaprio saying, “To all the haters. Stay tuned, you're gonna have so much more to be pissed off about."

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