In a truly strange and unsettling spectacle, dozens of TV news reporters, their crews, and random gawkers flooded into the apartment of alleged San Bernardino shooters Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik today, filming the couple's personal effects and bumping into each other in the process. The incident occurred after the FBI had concluded its investigation, removing all evidence and dangerous material from the residence. At that point, they nailed a large piece of plywood over the door and turned the apartment back over to the landlord.

That same landlord later removed the plywood, allowing everyone who felt like it to walk around and touch everything like it was a grotesque open house. Whether of not he explicitly gave reporters permission to enter is still unclear. It was a very bizarre scene, with multiple reporters describing how unseemly it was while simultaneously taking part in the carnage. And of course, the whole thing was caught on camera from every conceivable angle. Mashable edited the footage into a concise compilation.

Sources: Mashable | Gawker