Blake Boston, the dude behind the infamous “Scumbag Steve” internet meme, channeled his inner Kanye on Monday. He went on a huge rant, telling Buzzfeed that his oafish online identity is nothing compared to Donald Trump. He called The Donald: “one of the biggest scumbags around.” Boston told the website:

He’s that asshole scumbag that insults someone’s physical make up and thinks he’s got a good comeback. Calling people fat, short, ugly, poor, smelly, a dummy, et cetera, are what his pubescent mind thinks are character flaws. So many of his put-downs involve what Trump must feel are physical deficits in himself. And the irony is that he wants to sue anyone that he feels disparages him. He can call people out but he can’t take it. So much so that he wants to fuck with the First Amendment. Who the fuck but a scumbag would mess with that?

Sources: The Hill