17 slow motion videos of the exact moment everything went wrong.

17 slow motion videos of the exact moment everything went wrong.

There are a lot of folks out there with a knack for falling or screwing up in entertaining ways. Honestly, it takes skill and gumption for someone to fall gracefully or catch something with their face, even if they weren't trying. The effect is even better when talented folks do it, and it's best of all when the moment is caught in super slow motion. Take a look:

1. She learned how flexible her body really is.


2. This pet owner learned that concentrating on your jump is more important than posing for the camera.


3. This pup learned that sliding is way better than walking.

5. This hungry dog learned that timing is key.

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6. This woman learned that not all diving boards are created equal.


7. This lady learned that the future isn't always bright.


8. Mike Tyson learned "#imtoooldforthisshit."

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9. This woman learned that it's better if you keep your eye on the ball.


10. This guy learned how comfortable floor pads can be.


11. This guy learned how to do a yoga pose while long boarding.

HOW CAN IT GO SOOOOO #WRONG πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚ ( No one was badly injured in this video πŸ’œ) @lordramsin

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12. This man learned that you should always wear a helmet while juggling.

13. Darth Vader learned that using the force has its limits.


14. This kid learned to catch a ball with his face.


15. This girl learned that you can't play catcher and batter at the same time.

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16. This guy learned that fire is not a friend.

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17. This girl learned that sand should be left on the ground.