A funny email exchange posted on Reddit shows just how useless the security cameras installed in front of buildings sometimes are. Redditor omarchakir's brother's bike was stolen from in front of the building where he lives, so his brother wrote to the building manager, asking if he could look at the building's security camera footage. The response he received was slightly less than satisfactory.

In answer to his initial request to view the footage, the man's building manager wrote,

The cameras are dummy cameras and not real, they are incapable of recording and are only there as a deterrent.


Well, as a deterrent, the cameras are clearly not working well.

So, in replying to the building manager, the man offered up some other useful ideas for the building to look into adopting.

His response reads,


Thank you for clarifying what a dummy camera is.

Please let me know if the lock on the door to the building is also a dummy and only there as a deterrent. At which point I might as well place a blow up doll in the entrance and we can all call it a security guard.

There you go, problem solved!