15 people who will never forget Spring Break, because it ended in complete disaster.

15 people who will never forget Spring Break, because it ended in complete disaster.

Spring break is that magical time in a college kid's life when he or she can finally take a break from schoolwork and partying and concentrate just on partying. If you think the combination of binge drinking, horny coeds, and large bodies of water would be a recipe for disaster, than you are absolutely right. Here are 15 people who's Spring Break left them broken.

1. This girl who dropped out of pole dancing class:

She gave it the ole college try.

2. This guy who trusted someone to rub sunscreen on his back:

It should say, "I suck at choosing friends."

3. This girl who hoped no one saw that:

"I'm totally fine you guys."

4. This reindeer who got too buck-wild:

Let's hope no one tells Santa about this.

5. This guy who always uses his head:

Happiest. Concussion. Ever.

6. These people on a boat:

That's what you get for taking a ride on the S.S. Whiplash.

7. This fifth wheel:

If he needs mouth to mouth, he's outta luck. 

8. This guy who was not ready for it:

Just relax and let Poseidon take what's his.

9. This girl who's got a blind love for booze:

This is what beer goggles are for.

10. These Northerners:

Hypothermia before liquor, you've never been sicker. 

11. This guy with the worst friends:

Ok, so we kill our friend on three, right? One, two... AHHH!

12. This guy with the best friends:

At least he'll have something to drink when he wakes up.

13. This guy who was too drunk.

Such smooth lips.

14. This premature boogie border.

Wait for it... wait for it .... never mind.

15. These bros with no ride home.

Dude where's my car?