This poor squirrel has been through a lot. Not only did he manage to get himself caught in a dumpster drain, he's also fully covered in butter. (Ugh, we've all been there, am I right?)

The Animal Rescue League in Boston, Massachusetts posted this photo of the poor little guy stuck in the drain to Twitter.

"This squirrel, buttery and ashamed, got stuck in the drain of a dumpster," they wrote. "Took him to [New England Wildlife Center] for a spa day."


Funny enough, "buttery and ashamed" is also how I describe myself after I've finished off an entire sleeve of cookies while watching old episodes of Parks & Rec on Netflix.

UPI reports that the efforts to rescue the squirrel began when a Quincy animal control officer tried to use rubbing oil to get him out. When that didn't work, a good samaritan suggested using butter. (Which is how our little squirrel friend became "buttery and ashamed.")


It didn't work initially, but rescue technician Bill Tanguay eventually jumped into the dumpster and was able to pull the squirrel free. They then sent the squirrel to the New England Wildlife Center, where he is expected to make a full recovery.

"The squirrel was feisty and suffered some minor abrasions, but was otherwise fine," officials said.

I'm glad that this little guy is going to be okay. And now I will be using the phrase "buttery and ashamed" as often as I possibly can.

Sources: UPI