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Soon-to-be ex-Starbucks barista spills the tea on the grossest drinks he's had to make.

Soon-to-be ex-Starbucks barista spills the tea on the grossest drinks he's had to make.


It's no secret that Starbucks allows its patrons to customize their drink orders to their hearts' content. But sometimes, the freedom of being able to add 12 Splendas or 15 shots of raspberry syrup to a drink encourages people to seriously take advantage–in a pretty gross way.

Starbucks barista Terence Wiggins, a.k.a. @TheBlackNerd on Twitter and Tumblr, has some pretty wild insight into just how bad this problem is. He recently gave notice at work, so he finally felt comfortable revealing some of the nastiest, sugariest drinks people have ordered from him.

"Today I formally put in my two weeks at Starbucks so let’s take a look back on the worst drinks I’ve ever had to make," he wrote on Tumblr, alongside 10 photos of some pretty shocking Starbucks orders.


1. A drink fit for someone with a sweet tooth–rather, 20 sweet teeth.

2. There's so many ingredients on this list that I thought it was an acrostic.

3. One pump of raspberry syrup sounds like more than enough.

4. Proof that the pumpkin craze has gotten OUT OF CONTROL.

5. Gotta lighten the ice cube count to make more room for all that sweet sweet Splenda.

6. Some like it hot, but this customer likes it sweet. Really sweet.

7. Chestnuts roasting on an open coffeeeeeee.

8. This person is clearly on a diet.

9. That's enough syrup for an entire football team. At least this person saved a disposable cup.

10. 12 raw sugars, four pumps of mocha, six shots, oh my!

Damn, that's a lot of sugar.

Someecards spoke with Wiggins over Twitter DM to get the scoop on the customers behind these super sweet beverage orders.

Terence Wiggins

Wiggins doesn't specifically remember what the people were like who ordered the drinks–except for the ones who were especially rude. Not to mention, he doesn't usually get much face time with the people who make wacky orders.

"Most people who order ridiculous drinks order by the mobile app and no one is ever embarrassed. Ever. They just say something along the lines of, 'I like my drinks sweet.'" On the one hand, power to them for not being embarrassed. But on the other hand, I hope they're supplementing all that sugar and cream with a salad every now and then, because honestly, I'm a little worried about these people.

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