8 times people were tragically stood up, and the Internet came to the rescue.

8 times people were tragically stood up, and the Internet came to the rescue.

No matter how many RSVPs you've received, you can never really predict how many people will show up to an event that you organized, because human beings can be rather unpredictable despicable. Whether it's a birthday party, a baby shower, or even a funeral, there's always the possibility that no one will show up at all. But when no one shows, you can at least count on Internet strangers to be there for you, just like they were there for these eight people.

1. This sad 'PawPaw' cooked six burgers for his grandkids, but only one of them showed up. 

Earlier this March, the Internet felt this dejected Oklahoma grandpa's pain. After his one grandkid shared this photo on Twitter, folks called out his rude grandkids and retweeted the photo above over 100,000 times. To redeem themselves, those five other grandkids helped plan a massive, open cookout for their now-Internet-famous grandpa. About 1,500 people arrived from all over the country for the event. 

2. No one showed up to 9-year-old Gerald Hamilton’s birthday party, and his grandma was devastated.

This April, the Gerald Hamilton's grandma, Lara Hamilton, wrote a Facebook post about her grandson's friends not showing up for his birthday party. She went on to explain that her grandson invited all of his 30 classmates to his party, and 12 said they were coming. “At 3 p.m. he made sure his goodie bags were ready for his friends, he was dressed and ready to party. At 5 p.m. he was still sitting there not wanting to cut his cake because one person might show up,” Lara wrote. “This breaks my heart.”


Lara didn't expect it, but her post got over 4,000 shares. She told The Huffington Post that this translated to Gerald receiving over a thousand cards from folks all around the globe. Also, some of his classmates said they'll be sure to attend his party next year. Way to go grandma!

3. Six-year-old Glenn Buratti—born with mild autism and epilepsy—invited 16 classmates to his birthday party. No one showed up.

In February of last year, Glenn Buratti’s mom Ashlee organized a party for her son, but no one bothered to show. “I know this might be something silly to rant about, but my heart is breaking for my son. We invited his whole class over for his 6th birthday party today. Not one kid came,” Ashlee posted on a local Facebook page.


After she posted on the group’s page, fifteen random kids from their neighborhood in Osceola, Florida showed up to her son’s party, as well as community firefighters and police officers.

4. In August of last year, 5-year-old birthday girl Taliyah invited 30 kids who she thought were her friends to a party, but none of them showed up. Kids are cold.

"I had sent out a couple of reminders a week prior and everybody was like, 'Yes, we’re still coming.' I said I'm getting the food; I just need one last head count," her mom Lauren Sassmannshausen told WKRN-TV. Those little liars!

Tallyah’s mom wrote a post on the "I heart Spring Hill" Facebook page and asked if anyone in town wanted to come celebrate. Shortly afterwards, over 70 people showed up to her daughter’s party.


5. In April of last year, Mackenzie Moretter turned 10, but her guests didn’t show up to her party. But that's OK, because a NFL player showed up instead.

Just a few days prior to Mackenzie Moretter’s birthday party, people canceled their RSVPs. Her mom, Jenny Moretter, took to Facebook to vent her concerns. After seeing the message, over 300 people attended the party, ABC News reported. Attendees included Minnesota Vikings player Charles Johnson and his family, a woman dressed as Elsa from Frozen, and hundreds of strangers who saw her mom's post.

6. Only 10 people showed up to this Israeli couple's wedding, which was held in a large event space. 


In August of last year, Lior and Annette Solomon got hitched at a rather large event space in Israel. Only a few of their relatives showed up. Most of their guests had thought their wedding ceremony was canceled because the bride’s father recently passed away. 

A relative apparently took to Facebook and wrote: "The bride lost both her parents in the last two years. Her father passed away a month ago, and now there is no one there except for a few relatives. You don't need a gift, you don't need money. Just come fill the auditorium, fulfill a mitzvah, and make a bride and groom happy."


The response was overwhelming, and they estimate that up to 2000 people showed up to the couple’s wedding ceremony. 

7. A WWII veteran passed away in November 2013, but there was nobody to attend his funeral.

Harold Jellicoe Percival was a British WWII Bomber Command veteran. Percival passed away at the young age of 99, and a local newspaper noted at the time that “he has no close family who can attend his funeral.”

Twitter caught wind of the newspaper’s description, which led to other local newspapers such as Percival’s neighborhood paper, The Blackpool Gazette, also asking if any service personnel in the area would be able to attend his funeral.


Hundreds of people—service personnel and local private citizens—showed up to Lytham Park Crematorium in Lancashire, England to pay their respects.

8. Redditor godloki's daughter-in-law asked folks if they would be so kind to help out her pregnant best friend who was having a baby shower. 

A photo of her best friend of over 10 years.

The pregnant woman's baby shower was approaching, but no one RSVP'd except for the best friend, and no one had purchased anything from the baby registry.

In July of last year, godloki wrote on Reddit:

My best friend of more than 10 years is pregnant with a baby girl and her baby shower is this weekend. I just found out that no one is planning on coming except for me. I went to her registry on Walmart today and it has 0 items purchased so far. She's obviously upset that no one RSVP'd for her baby shower and because I'm the only one attending and I was hoping Reddit would be able to help cheer her up. Her registry items range from $0.97 bottles all the way up to a $27 Nursery monitor. I know a few random acts of kindness would really make her day this Sunday. 


In a follow-up post, godloki's daughter-in-law said that the baby shower was a success. Friends and family managed to attend the event, and a couple of awesome Redditors made purchases from the baby registry.

Much respect, Internet. Much respect.