17 of the strangest things people revealed about themselves thanks to #ThisMaySoundStrangeBut.

17 of the strangest things people revealed about themselves thanks to #ThisMaySoundStrangeBut.

You know how some people are afraid of heights but still able to fly in an airplane? There's something about how the extreme height of flying makes it almost incomprehensible, and therefore not scary. Go up a ladder? No way. Fly on a plane? Sure! The same is true all people when it comes to revealing private stuff about ourselves with people face-to-face versus sharing our secrets with the whole of humanity on the Internet.Like all those people who shared the weirdest things they saw at a supermarket, or the most brutal ways they had been rejected, or the countless weird sex things people have told about themselves. We just feel OK saying crazy shit as long as it's to everyone.

Today, Twitter busted the silence barrier wide open with the hashtag #ThisMaySoundStrangeBut, inviting tweeters to say literally anything as long as it was strange. Responses varied. There were some very personal confessions, some bizarre science facts, weird shower thoughts, great advice, and of course plenty of extreme garbage from racists, along with pathetic attempts to fit in from corporate accounts. Here are the some of the best and strangest (non-racist, non-corporate) things people wrote:

1. They start easy. Who doesn't do this?

2. Some are cool.


3. And here we go with the real Internetty nonsense.Β 

4. This works.Β 

5. This works a little less.Β 

6. This is why you should talk to your cat.


7. Anyone else?

8. Same.

9. This might be the strangest.

10. This could be your boss.Β 


11. She could be her boss.

12. Pay attention, people.

13. So common.

14. This sounds like something that could be cured.Β 


15. This might sound strange but this guy thinks the right amount about NSYNC (clearly not very much at all).

16. S.O.S.

17. Finally, a joke.