Seems like one you might want to follow-up on.

Not a mug shot.
Not a mug shot.

Subway has completed an internal investigation and said it received one serious complaint about Jared Fogle in 2011 from journalist Rochelle Herman-Walrond. She happens to be the same reporter who helped the FBI build a case against Jared for four years which resulted in him pleading guilty to charges this summer. She made the complaint after Fogle told her that "middle school girls are hot."

Subway spokeswoman Kristen McMahon said the complaint was serious but "nothing that implied anything about sexual behavior or criminal activity involving Mr. Fogle." Technically she's right: it is not a crime to tell a reporter that middle school girls are hot. It's also technically stupid not to have a closer look at your spokesman when he casually says such things to reporters. Let us close the book on this stupidity contest for good.

Sources: The Associated Press