This post on Reddit really brings home how often tall people must get asked questions (and the same questions) by strangers. The picture, posted by Redditor NewtonJesse, shows an extraordinarily tall man standing in front of the business card he apparently gives out to people who ask him about his height.

The text along with the post says, "I said, 'How tall are you?" He handed me this business card." The business card reads,


Yes, I am tall

I am 6'10"

(No, I'm not kidding. Yes, that is tall)

No, I do not play basketball

I play volleyball

Yes, seeing the tops of everyones head is weird.

Yes, the weather is nice up here.

This has been a great conversation.

Reading through the comments on the Reddit post, it seems that this tall dude is not the first one to come up with the idea of having business cards printed up to answer strangers' inquiries. A Redditor named MK2555GSFX wrote,

I'm 6'7", and I get sent links to various versions of this business card almost as often as I get comments about my height.


That's fine, though. These business cards should be standard issue for everyone over 6'2".