A woman named Candice Spivey recently turned the cameras around on a voyeur who allegedly tries to secretly video tape women and minors. On April 27, Spivey captured herself calling the pervert out and chasing him away on video, then posted it to her Facebook page where it went completely viral.

According to Spivey's Facebook post, the incident went down in the bikini section of a Target in Yulee, Florida. When the man approached her to try to ask her about a dress he bought for his wife, Spivey recognized him as the same person who had an identical conversation with her two years ago in a Publix supermarket. Back then, he had two young children with him and although the interaction started off innocently, Spivey recalls it turning "wildly inappropriate." This time, she would not let the conversation escalate to that point. Check out the video and read her post below.