Teen's horrifying video of something wriggling out of her pizza is your worst nightmare.

Teen's horrifying video of something wriggling out of her pizza is your worst nightmare.

Are you craving pizza even though you're still trying to lose that holiday weight? This video may help turn you off pizza for a while. It will also make your skin crawl.

Speaking of crawling, when 16-year-old Tia Neylan from the UK purchased a take-out pizza, she probably didn't expect a living creature to come crawling out of it. And yet, that's what happened.


The teen filmed the horrifying scenario and you should watch if you dare:

Neylan posted on Facebook warning others not to purchase pizza from this literal wormhole:


She wrote:

Don't order from Express Pizzeria, Norton High St, Stockton-on-Tees, open box the to find this, fucking disgusting. Returned it and all they had to say was "its cheese". Family has been ordering from there for years and have had nothing bad to say about them before but this 😷


The teen, who had already taken a bite of the pizza before she noticed the insect, told GazetteLive:

I literally just threw up everywhere. I even had a little break down. As you can imagine, it was obviously a shock for me and my family. I didn’t even notice it until I’d taken a bite from a slice. I looked at the pizza in the box, as you do, and there it just was wiggling around.

The owner of the pizzeria is sticking to his guns, claiming the story is fake. “When I watched the video, I was upset because for an insect to survive 400 degrees—that is impossible,” the owner, Mr. Bashir, told GazetteLive. “Some people have said it was already in the box but insects don’t survive this environment."


But unless this girl is an insect-whisperer I don't know how it's possible to fake a video like this. It must be real, unfortunately.

And as tragic as this story is for pizza lovers, on the other hand it's also a story of triumph about an insect who miraculously survived being cooked inside a pizza and then made a valiant escape.


After writing this story I'm still craving pizza. Which is a testament to the power of pizza. No wonder that insect wanted to live inside one.