Liryca Neville Branch, daughter of Cyril Neville of the Neville Brothers, was given a check for her meal that said "N****r 100% Dislike" on it.

That's like how a robot would explain racism. (via Gaynielle Neville)

I don't know when checks and receipts became the go-to documents for hate speech, but I don't like it. Their purpose isn't to spread hate; it's to be instantly forgotten, crumpled and lost in an overstuffed file cabinet until they become a fire hazard. These days, it seems like every scrap of paper handed out by a business is its own tiny white supremacist manifesto. Don't believe me? Check out Exhibit A, Exhibit B, or just search "receipt" on our site.

Today's example is depressingly familiar, but with enough weird elements that it becomes bizarre again. Liryca Neville Branch was eating at Huck Finn's Cafe in the French Quarter of her native New Orleans when she noticed a strange line item on her receipt. In between the food items she had ordered were the words "N****R 100% Dislike." What is it with Huck Finn and the N-word?

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