Don't be so happy yet, the invoice for your first-born hasn't arrived yet.

If you'll notice, ther's not even a description of what was wrong with the Jeep Patriot he brought in. For all we know, the floormats were just dirty, and when he dropped it off to be cleaned he just bent someone's ear for an hour complaining about every other problem he had in life. The cleaning probably helped the allergies, and maybe his ex-wife had a heart attack after hearing her ex-husband had finally taken the car in like she'd asked for five years. Or maybe they practice black magic at this body shop (Wodgett's? Widgett's? Luodgett's? We can't make it out). In any case we're going there once we buy a car and get five minutes away from the ball and chain.

Sources: Redditor Jmetcalfe93