That's "Elder" as in a high-ranking Mormon. Apparently, special underwear doesn't stop this.

Thanks to there being so many overlapping modes of communication, it's easy to mix up your private conversations with the announcements you're blasting out to anyone with an internet hookup. Considering how much private information people intentionally volunteer on Facebook and elsewhere, it's now all that much more exciting when you discover those few remaining tidbits of info your friends actually didn't intend to share. We love these Facebook slip-ups because they are a refreshing reminder that people are still capable of being embarrassed by stuff.


Even worse than thinking she's texting, she at one point thought this was MySpace.

"Take this off" is also one of Dad's favorite phrases, it would seem.

R is probably sick of explaining how to open up private chats, as well.

Question 2 on the homework looks like it was a very difficult assignment.


Bad news: you posted to your work's account and you're fired. Good news: you're fired.

Updated 6/06/13:

She shouldn't worry; her parenting is clearly beyond reproach if she raised this gem.

This was on Google's profile on Facebook. Yeah.

You know, like we all just get curious about the Google results for smelly genitals sometimes.

No, you didn't walk in on me masturbating, my computer and pants got hacked!


This is actually more coherent than most people's political posts. OOH, SLAM!

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