People are sharing the quickest ways they've seen their friends ruin their lives.

People are sharing the quickest ways they've seen their friends ruin their lives.

Ever watch one of your friends make the worst decision ever? Its infuriating to see someone do something really stupid and be powerless to stop it, and it happens all the time. Here are 13 of the craziest stories people on Reddit shared of that one moment their friend ruined their lives forever.

1. mug6688 has an anchor baby story that dragged his friend to the bottom.

A guy I knew in college was dragging his feet about breaking up with a girl. He went over to her house to finally end their toxic relationship, but ended up sleeping with her again instead.

And, naturally, she got pregnant.


2. Ohsoeasy knew someone who blew his life over a day off.

He had a bad temper.

He quit a really good commission sales job because they weren't going to give out more vacation time. He then took a $7.50 and hour job at a pizza place. He ended up losing his house.

3. Salieris_Silence says for his friend was doing great until that first line.

Knew a dude in uni. He was top of ever class, really nice dude and on track to be an insanely successful doctor. He had a girlfriend who was an honest to god model. His girlfriend got into cocaine (because apparently it's fairly common for models). She offered him some one day and the last I heard he was working in a fish market and in and out of rehab and AA. Still with the same girl though so that's nice.


4. For gold_miner_94, it was that first needle.

Heroin. Went from a pretty smart kid to dead in less than a year.

5. MYPENISBIGGER has a great reasons to always drink with the buddy system.

Friend got a full ride scholarship to college. Went to a bar one night and drunkenly stumbled out the back door, fell into a ditch and died of hypothermia. Definitely the quickest way I've seen someone fuck their life up.

6. ExHokie talked about a girl who took his friend to the cleaners.

He fell madly in love with a girl and would do anything she asked. She told him he should go rob a store so she could have some cash, so he went into a dry cleaners with a hairbrush under a towel (so it looked like he had a gun). He was caught and served 7 years in the state prison. It was his first time ever getting in trouble with the law (i wanted to say it was his first brush with the law, but that's not even funny in this case). Once he was released from prison, he was unable to get a job, and eventually drank himself to death.


7. Alltruenews' coworker developed a cartoonish obsession.

Believe it or not... Disney.

Coworker with no adult life experience became obsessed with everything Disney. She maxed out all credit cards on merchandise and trips to the parks. When she exhausted all of her credit, she used her mother and her brother's CC's.

Now she's stuck at 33, living in a relative's basement (for free) and spending virtually every dollar on multiple Disney trips and cruises per year. Her credit rating is shot and she's hundreds of thousands in debt.


8. Sharty_McQueef knew someone who got too fired up about his recording studio.

A friend of mine sound proofed his basement recording studio with some non-compliant foam he found in a dumpster. Ended up knocking over an ash-tray or something lighting this foam up in an instant. Much of the house burnt down and he received some pretty bad burns trying (unsuccessfully) to put the fire out.

9. IGetBoredFast's friend lost everything on a whim.

Betting £12k on a football (soccer) match

I told him not to, he said he didn't

Then he cried at full time saying that he bet his savings on this match

... who even has the balls to do that??

10. Keskekun begs the question, "How much is your head worth?"

He decided that helmets no longer was cool enough to warrant use. For the last 15 years he has been in an assisted living home after sustaining brain damage from cracking his skull open on the pavement.

11. lipes_ cursed his chances on getting a diploma.

Accidentally shouting fuck in a gcse exam. Getting him a 5 year exam ban

12. TulsaBrawler got sucked into a green pyramid scheme.


13. And finally, TrekingTrogdor who's friend made one small mistake that stripped his whole life from him.

In high school we went streaking, and one of my friends happened to be 18. We got caught by the police and now he is on the sex offenders list, that was 6 years ago.