Even worse, the new bubble wrap will be named iBubble Wrap, a name that iHate.

The next time you see this mother and daughter reaching into a box, it will be with hollow-eyed disappointment. (via Thinkstock)

There are certain things you think will always be there for you: That dive bar in your hometown where your high school friends meet every Thanksgiving. That girl at the coffee shop who gives you free biscotti sometimes. And the bubble wrap that you pop in the supply closet when you're frustrated at work.

But no — bars close down, people get new jobs, and bubble wrap... well, bubble wrap will no longer be yours to pop. The company that invented bubble wrap, Sealed Air Corp, has announced that it is replacing the classic packing material with a slick new version, iBubble Wrap. The stuff comes in flat plastic sheets that can be inflated by the sender during the packaging process instead of coming pre-inflated. The primary reason for the change is that it will make a huge difference in shipping costs for Sealed Air Corp, since the new stuff will take up about 1/50 of the space.

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