You can call these "shelf-help" because they make the shelf more fun! I'm so sorry for that joke.

I disagree with "choices" but I'm glad we're having a dialogue about centaurism.
(via Obvious Plant)

This genius went to a bookstore in Los Angeles and gifted them with amazing new "self-help" books (created by printing new covers and putting them over thrift-store books), including So Your Son is a Centaur, The Beginner's Guide to Human Sacrifice, and Learn to Dress Yourself.

Is that Agnes Brangles of the Bangor Brangles? (via Obvious Plant)

This genius's real name is unknown, but the California human behind this prank goes by "obviousplant" (somehow I think it's not their real name) on reddit (UPDATE: Obvious Plant's real name is Jeff Wysaski). Mr/Ms Plant caught our attention a few weeks ago for going into a Barnes & Noble and adding creative new category names for their shelves. This time, however, Mr/Ms Plant created entirely new books, complete with author bios, press blurbs, and quotes.

Sources: Obvious Plant