Who's your state's biggest Kev?

Americas most valuable export: Kevin. (via Estately)

Kevin is definitely an underappreciated name. It's never been trendy or hip (except maybe for a minute after Home Alone came out). No man ever brags about being named Kevin. That being said, what name better expresses that you're a laid-back guy who's not afraid to look goofy and have a good time? None of them, not even Bob.

The clever folks at the real estate blog Estately understand this, so they put together this map of the most famous man named Kevin from every state. It's their way of showing some much-deserved love to 2014's 70th most popular male baby name. There are some real shockers on this list. Do you feel your state has a more famous Kevin than the one listed here? Let us know. But remember, Keiths don't count.

Sources: Estately