It's not this one. It's below that.

Silly Hilly, babies can't vote.
(via @HillaryClinton & @BernieSanders)

Hillary Clinton is still (as of press time) the presumptive frontrunner for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination. Until recently, she was basically also the only candidate. Your liberal friends on Facebook probably went through an Elizabeth Warren phase earlier this year, but unfortunately for them, Warren (unlike literally every registered Republican) didn't feel like it. In her place stands Bernie Sanders, the technically-not-a-Democrat Senator from Vermont. There's also Martin O'Malley, the former mayor of Baltimore and governor of Maryland, but let's be honest—"Mayor of Baltimore" is even less of a resumé booster in 2015 than it was when The Wire was on. (There's also Lincoln Chafee and Jim Webb and maybe Joe Biden but I don't have all day.) Sanders, the old white dude from a tiny state, is now the Great Lefty Hope. To the surprise of the Clintons, he seems to be gaining ground. One piece of ammunition in the Sanders camp's arsenal is this image, which despite literally being a spreadsheet, has been going viral intermittently over the past 3 months, showing Sanders's and Clinton's top donors:

Sources: redditor Hodrick