Today in "holy shit, I had no idea that could happen and I guess I should be afraid of everything" news, a dolphin jumped onto a family's boat, and it did not go well.

The attacking dolphin and the attacked humans.
(via The OC Register / The OC Sheriff's Dept)

Allow me to start this with some good news and a warning (that's also how I like to start all of my first dates). The good news: Everyone is alive, human and dolphin alike. The warning: If you keep reading this article, you're going to see blood on a boat.

Here's what happened: recently, the Frickmans — parents Dirk and Chrissie, and kids Tristan and Courtney — were enjoying a lovely afternoon in their boat off of Dana Point, CA, when a pod of dolphins started swimming around them. This was a lot of fun until one of the dolphins jumped inside. Authorities aren't sure why it happened — Harbor Patrol Sgt. DJ Haldeman guessed that "something must have scared it out" of the water. Or maybe the dolphin was angry that land mammals were on its turf surf. Either way, the lovely day quickly turned into an epic dolphin-human battle.

Sources: h/t LAist | The OC Register